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We Are


None but ourselves can free our minds.

- Bob Marley


The Message


My message is peace.
To go beyond survival,

for all of us to get  
 beyond survival and to live in this world 
   with peace in our hearts, our souls, 
 and for each other.
    It starts from within and the most 
   difficult task we face is to face ourselves;  

however long it takes and 
  however deep we need to go…
 stop fighting it. 
    Be without fear, indulge your soul 
  and weather the storms, the demons, the pain. 
    Trust and you will endure.
   For all has purpose, Great Purpose,
   if you believe.

- Julie Eppich 2003





more great examples here

Send me your stories/images of people and situations that have inspired you. 

This section is an all in one place for us to learn by the example of others. 

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Join me in spreading this universal message




This message is one that knows no boundaries of politics,

race, income level, religion, age, gender,

sexual orientation or nationality. 


Let us each ask ourselves, each and every day…

What example are we setting?

to ourselves? our family? our friends?

our community? our neighbors?

our co-workers? our employees?

our world? 

What choices are we making in our daily lives? 
Are we honoring and respecting
those around us?

Are we honoring and respecting ourselves? 
How are our choices affecting those around us? 
How are we communicating and
talking to each other?   

Are we choosing to talk respectfully? 

Are we listening respectfully?

Are we agreeing to disagree respectfully?

Are we being respectful and mindful of 

other's experiences and their well-being?  

Are we living our best possible example? 

I stand before you as someone who has made 

mistakes along the way, but I try to start each day by learning from those mistakes.


I try to begin each day with new eyes.

I care too much for humanity to allow negativity to infiltrate the core of my very being.  I want to try and live by positive example, each and every day, for the sake of our future, our society and our world. I want to start each day by doing my part, and with this campaign. 

The message is simple.

The message is positive.

The message starts with each of us.


To be all that you are, and to find the courage to express it. 


To find the passion and confidence to bring whatever you have to the table, in whatever way defines you. 


We all have something to contribute, every single day, and in every possible way. We can positively affect one another,

If we will just listen. To ourselves, and to each other. 
It's time to stop the madness that has
consumed us as a society.

I am asking for us all to be in the Here, in the Now.   


We all need to face ourselves and each other.
We all need to take responsibility.
We all need to come together.
We all need to reconcile our pasts and make change.


For each of us to do our part.

For each of us to be heard; 

to share and spread a simple, positive, universal message.


Help me to do something.

For I cannot live any other way, any longer.

Can you?

May our voice be Great and Collective.
With love, hope, compassion and a will for peace.

With Gratitude,

Julie Eppich   


use your mouse or fingers to control star.


A Virtual Sculpture

This sculpture is meant to be a place where we can all be together as one....evolving and learning about each other.  Here.Together. is about sharing and representing a common message:  we are all in this together, we believe in each other, and we are stronger when unified under a theme of peace, love, acceptance and community.  Here.Together. is a place to learn about each other, and accept each other regardless of who we are and where we are from.


May we all LIVE IN LIGHT.


8.5 x 11 for your window, office, community locations





Using the button below, you will be able to submit a photo, artwork/drawing, personal pendant and/or message.  These submissions will be received by me via email,

and will be added to the star as I receive them.  Each person will be able to navigate the star, zooming in and learn about each other, how connected our world is, and for each of us to share a message, together.

Image must be jpeg and 150 dpi resolution.


 I am in need of someone who knows Blender and can help me upload multiple images to each face of the star.

Please send me an email to discuss.  

Upload Image Here
Here Together


Success! Message received.


I believe in humankind.


Please contact me with any questions or comments you may have regarding this campaign.  I would love additional input about people and/or situations showing #peacebyexample that I can add to the education/image section of this website.  The image tile section is designed to be an all in one place to be inspired, and to educate. Pictures of people helping one another, other examples of leaders making positive change, or news articles (current/past), or someone who has inspired you or your community. We are ALL here to learn about each other.  I need your help.

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